BunyiGitar x:po  |  Gear, Gigs & Guitars  |  10 - 11 May 2014


The “BunyiGitar x:po - Gear, Gigs & Guitars” is a unique exhibition that celebrates the Art of Guitar. Held at the new Sabah Art Gallery in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, this 2-day event will showcase various instruments in the guitar family as well as to items linked to the guitar, with emphasis on the instrument as a work of art. It aims to:-

  1. BulletElevate the status of guitar as an important musical instruments as well as a work of art.

  2. BulletBring and introduce to the public rare, valuable and unique guitars.

  3. BulletProvide insight into finer details of guitar playing, making, maintenance and upgrading.

  4. BulletBe a platform for guitar makers to promote their guitars and craftsmanship.

  5. BulletBe a platform for guitar-based artists and musicians to promote their music.



RM15 (2-days pass)

Free for children 12 years old and below

Concert & Exhibition

RM50 (adult)

RM35 (below 12 years old)


  +6-088-218395 (RAM)
✆  +6-088-268806 (Sabah Art Gallery)
✆  +6-012-8028095 (Roger Wang)
✆  +6-016-8338113 (Rizal Banjar)

Email : bunyigitar@gmail.com

Who is it for?

  1. BulletGuitar and music enthusiasts,

  2. BulletMusic retailers,

  3. BulletGuitar collectors,

  4. BulletGuitar students and teachers,

  5. BulletMusicians,

  6. BulletInstrument makers and repairers, and

  7. BulletGeneral public.

What To Expect?

  1. BulletDisplay of unique, artistic and desirable guitars and guitar related item,

  2. BulletPerformances, showcases, talks and demonstrations,

  3. BulletHands on experience with the instruments,

  4. BulletConvert your expired credit cards into guitar picks,

  5. Bullet“Draw a Guitar” session for children,

  6. BulletFREE lessons, and

  7. BulletBring your guitar for a FREE check up.

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